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These hybrid schools are blowing up the public education model

New York City

The Ones That Left

The Ones That Left

Mosaica is one of the nation’s bigest for-profit charter school management companies.

Ten Largest E.M.O.s

By Michele Hoos and Annie Hauser
For-profit educational management organizations, or EMOs, foster competition between schools with the goal of turning a profit. Though most charters remain managed by smaller organizations, the 10 companies below control over half of the for-profit charter school sector, and represent an important trend in the charter explosion. As companies vie [...]

One Less Bell To Answer

One Less Bell To Answer

It’s been four years since the New York State Legislature authorized the State Comptroller to audit all public schools, including charter schools.
And almost two years since the charter schools began their constitutional challenge to that legislation.
Now, the charter schools have an answer.  Sort of.
Yes, the New York Court of Appeals said, the charter schools were [...]

Replay of Live Coverage of Joel Klein’s Keynote Address

Replay of Live Coverage of Joel Klein’s Keynote Address

<a href=”;task=viewaltcast&#038;altcast_code=693cde992f” mce_href=”;task=viewaltcast&amp;altcast_code=693cde992f” >Live Coverage of National Charter Schools Conference</a>

Democracy Prep wants to be in Rhode Island

Democracy Prep wants to be in Rhode Island

After Arne Duncan finished his portion of the keynote address for the opening of the National Charter School Conference he took a few questions from some of the participants. One of the questions was from Seth Andrew, head of Democracy Prep in Harlem.
News21 covered the admissions lottery at Democracy Prep this past spring.
Seth’s buddy, [...]

Are Catholic Schools Worth Saving?

The big education story over the weekend was Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of the Diocese of Brooklyn’s announcement of a plan to convert four Catholic schools into publicly-funded charter schools—the first time New York has converted parochial schools into charters.

‘The Nation’s Education Reporter’ Visits the Covering Ed Class

Paul Tough is fast becoming one of the most prominent voices on the future of American education, and he does not even consider himself an education journalist.

Parents Flock to Education Fair to ‘Shop’ for Schools

Before the doors of the Nat Holman Gym even opened for the Harlem Education Fair on Feb. 28, the line of parents and children had stretched over two city blocks.

So Sue Me

Brownsville Brooklyn parents and school leaders gained new allies Tuesday in their battle to keep P.S. 150 from closing down for good.

The Change We Need?

So much for President Obama’s campaign for “change.”

Teach Your Children Well

Andrew Rotherham has a word for the wise and wealthy: Teachers.

An Unorthodox Choice

Maureen Gonzalez-Campbell is an unorthodox choice to be principal of the Hebrew Language Academy, a new public charter school set to open next fall in Brooklyn.

The Business of Educating Harlem Students

Parents and children flocked to Harlem’s Education Fair on the City College of New York Campus in late February to try and decide which school among the new and unprecedented variety of neighborhood schools would be best for them.

Grade-Schoolers Learn Money 101

The state of our economy has forced many of us to confront this uncomfortable truth: We did not learn all we ever needed to know in kindergarten. Across the country, teachers and politicians are taking action to ensure that today’s kids will be smarter.

Charter-School Admissions as Hard as Harvard?

April admissions lotteries around the city dramatically illustrated how rapidly New York’s charter schools have evolved into an overnight sensation. They are well-publicized, sought-after, politically active educational institutions. But what are the consequences of the charter-school hype for families hoping to enroll their children there?