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These hybrid schools are blowing up the public education model

Democracy Prep wants to be in Rhode Island

After Arne Duncan finished his portion of the keynote address for the opening of the National Charter School Conference he took a few questions from some of the participants. One of the questions was from Seth Andrew, head of Democracy Prep in Harlem.

News21 covered the admissions lottery at Democracy Prep this past spring.

Seth’s buddy, Greg, followed our live coverage and wanted me to post Seth’s question. I didn’t quite get the gist of the question so I decided to find Seth and ask him about it. Seth happened to have a transcript of the question and Duncan’s answer and sent it to me. The question was regarding Secretary Duncan’s call for more “turnaround” schools and Democracy Prep’s push to bring it’s model of education to Rhode Island, where Andrew got his undergraduate degree at Brown University.

Andrew’s question and Duncan’s response:

SETH ANDREW: “Mr. Secretary, thank you for being here it is an honor. My name is Seth Andrew from Democracy Prep Charter School, the highest performing public school in Central Harlem on the Chancellor’s progress report and we’re eager to expand and try the turnaround model, so thank you for the challenge. Our challenge actually is not only in New York, but also in Rhode Island and we would love your support in Rhode Island and states across the country for calling the elected officials and letting them know they jeopardize their stimulus funding if they don’t make real change right now in legislatures like they did in Tennessee…(APPLAUSE)…So your political leadership right now means more than you know. And your calls to speakers of the house, majority leaders, people all over the country can make a huge difference, so I hope you’ll call Rhode Island today, and states across the country to make a big difference. (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE)

SECRETARY DUNCAN: I appreciate so much your leadership and your willingness to think about this turnaround model. We are fighting this on a state by state battle, that’s where the battleground is. Places like Rhode Island that are thinking about under-funding charters are obviously going to put themselves at a huge competitive disadvantage going forward. So we don’t think that’s a smart thing for them to do, and we’re going to make that very very clear.” (APPLAUSE)

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  2. Seth seems right on…keep up the fight!

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  11. cf resident says:

    Turnaround it really the Reconstitution model from the 80’s/ It didn’t work then and it wont work now. Charters dont do any better than public schools when they accept all in truly democratic fashion. Met school is a prime example.
    In a democracy you dont take public funds away from public education. No strings should be put on our money. Support our public schools.
    Why is the secretary of Ed forcing public money into private organizations?

  12. cf resident says:

    There are reasons not listed here for their success. The oare not democratic. They dont take and keep everyone. That is the magic bullet that they have for sucess over truly democratic public schools. Dont buy the hype. This is about creating money for private companies and breaking unions.

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