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These hybrid schools are blowing up the public education model

Special Education by the Numbers

By Elaine Meyer and Paul Stephens

In Washington, D.C., a few charter schools were created specifically for troubled children. Still, traditional public schools serve a larger percentage of special needs kids than charter schools.

Why does it matter? It matters when test scores and spending levels are compared without factoring this into the equation. Special education is expensive. And kids with everything from learning disabilities to physical handicaps tend to score low on standardized test.

The graphs below show where the special education students are.


Map of the Percentage of Special Education Students at Each Public School

in Washington, D.C.



View Special Education Students in Washington, D.C., Percentage at Each School in a larger map

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  3. Salemoaktree says:

    PCS in the district violate the rights of children with disabilities. They silently cap hours at 10 and will slap an ED label on a black boy in a NY minute and send him back to the public.

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