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These hybrid schools are blowing up the public education model

These stories are part of a package about the growth of charter schools and their effect on the public school system in the New York metro area. Charter schools, which are publicly funded but privately managed, have been expanding rapidly in the city.

lrgethumb_democracyprep1-300x2254“Charter Schools Admissions as Hard as Harvard?” by Jamie Oppenheim, Paul Stephens and Maura Walz
April admissions lotteries around the city dramatically illustrated how rapidly New York’s charter schools have evolved into an overnight sensation. They are well-publicized, sought-after, politically active educational institutions. But what are the consequences of all the hype for families hoping to enroll their child in a charter?

harlem“Charters Leave Many High Needs Public Schools Behind” by Kyla Calvert
Most of Harlem’s new charter schools aimed to serve the very same population of students as the public schools. But our look at enrollment data shows the area’s zoned public schools are now educating more children who live in poverty and more children whose first language is not English.

thumb_fair“The Business of Educating Harlem Students” by Kyla Calvert
Parents and children flocked to Harlem’s Education Fair on the City College of New York campus in late February to try and decide which school among the new and unprecedented variety of neighborhood schools would be best for them.

thumb_img_5031-300x225“An Unothodox Choice” by Elaine Meyer
Maureen Gonzalez-Campbell is an unorthodox choice to be principal of the Hebrew Language Academy, a new public charter school set to open next fall in Brooklyn.

thumb_housemove-300x2241“Gimme Shelter” by Sharon McCloskey
Small town America loves a parade. But the sight of an 1865 Victorian lumbering down local streets five years ago was a spectacle unlike any seen by residents of this Jersey shore town.

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