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These hybrid schools are blowing up the public education model

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Is Profit Dead?

Is Profit Dead?

For-profit companies rushed into the public school market at the same time charters first took hold. Has the experiment run its course?

Ten Largest E.M.O.s

By Michele Hoos and Annie Hauser
For-profit educational management organizations, or EMOs, foster competition between schools with the goal of turning a profit. Though most charters remain managed by smaller organizations, the 10 companies below control over half of the for-profit charter school sector, and represent an important trend in the charter explosion. As companies vie [...]

The Mosaica Way

By Annie Hauser
Click through the photos to look inside two Mosaica schools — Richfield Academy in Flint, and the Arts and Technology Academy of Pontiac — and see Mosaica’s signature Paragon curriculum in action.