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Eleven postcards from a religious nation.
By Jeremy Rue, Singeli Agnew, Toni DeAztlan, Samantha Grant, Joelle Jaffe, Clayton Worfolk, July 31, 2007

What does it mean to be Christian in the divorce capital of the United States? Or Catholic in the city with the most abortions? We poured over the statistics -- census numbers, spreadsheets, maps -- to find the places where god, sex and family intersect. And to tell the stories of the people behind the numbers. The Data Road Trip: Eleven postcards from a religious nation.

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Aug 14, 2007 - Our site is near completion. We have all of our projects up - or in some cases samples of the projects to come.

Please check out our wildly popular Moral Compass project, which has been averaging 1,500 visitors a day.

The Data Road Trip project continues to inform viewers by showing the human side of religious statistics we found during our reporting.

Our very own Jason Blalock has completed a powerful video documentary about spending a week with his Christian family in Florida in My Brother, The Christian.

Also taking place in Florida, the Ave Maria project shows the dichotomy between two Catholic communities, and how two cultures exist under one faith.

Recently featured in a full page spread in the San Francisco Chronicle, Pauline Bartolone's project about Muslim Polygamy is taking viewers into an intimate world most know little about. Stay Tuned.

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