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Planting Churches in the Fields of New York

As heard on WFUV, Bronx Public Radio, 90.7 FM, October 13, 2007
By Brett Elliott, July 26, 2007

God is at work in New York.

At least that’s what the city’s evangelical Christians are saying. And their numbers are growing.

As many traditional mainline Protestant churches dwindle and close their doors, evangelicals are coming from around the world, bringing their straight-ahead Bible brand of Christianity with them.

And between the cracks in the sidewalk, they are finding fertile ground.
Planting Churches in the Fields of New York is a two-part audio documentary series that looks at immigrant evangelicals in the City.

Part one, Taking Root, visits the Bronx, where a fast-growing group of Nigerian Pentacostals is working to bring what they call real Christianity back to the western world.
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Part two, The Harvest, heads out to Queens where a Korean congregation is holding onto its roots while reaching out to a new generation – here in the city and beyond.
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Editor's Note: These audio reports are to air on New York's WFUV-FM in the fall of 2007.

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