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These hybrid schools are blowing up the public education model

A how-to on electing pro-charter school politicians

Because charter schools receive public money, they are often regulated by their school districts so that only a certain number of them can open in a district per year. This is called a charter cap, and caps are largely opposed by the charter enthusiasts.

I am listening to Sean Bradley of the U.S. Department of Education talking right now about how to recruit or support pro-charter candidates who would eliminate caps for state office. Advocates should find out if candidates are “education reformers,” he says. In this case, that means pro-charter. Bradley said the Department had trouble with Evie Hudak of the Colorado State Senate, and instead, prefered Russ Caldwell.

One of the big pro-charter groups is called the Democrats for Education Reform. Though there have been some alliances between unions and charter school teachers, the people in this room are saying that charter school advocates usually find that politicians who support their states’ teachers’ union do not support pro-charter laws.

“The people that are against you have been doing this for decades,” said a state senator from Colorado who was on the panel.

Judging by the questions from the audience, people are confused about whether Democrats are pro- or anti-charter because of the party’s long history of support for teachers’ unions.

“When you’re dealing with charter school politics, you have to put your political leanings aside,” advised one panelist. Basically, it depends on the politician.

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