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The United States is a country of immigrants. Even so, the debate over immigration has never been so intense. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, concerns about securing borders and screening immigrants have dramatically escalated. The in-depth coverage from the University of Southern California looks at how both people and policy have been impacted. The USC News21 Fellows and Faculty also wish to thank California Connected (KCET) and Christina Wu for extra footage used in our stories, Lee Warner for Editing Assistance and Scott Shulman for Camera Assistance.

3 Years in Jail, 0 Charges Filed

The story of the Mirmehdi brothers
By Lisa Daftari, David Eisenberg, Leo Juarez, August 4, 2006

Lisa Daftari reports on the complex case of the Mirmehdi brothers from Los Angeles, California, and the dramatic immigration that has forever altered their lives and divided their community.


• Michael Mirmehdi's blog entry

• Mohsen Mirmehdi's blog entry

Read a general background of the story.

• Virginia Kice, ICE Regional Communications Director, discusses the Mirmehdi brothers’ alleged affiliation with the Mujahedin-e Khalq organization (MEK) in this video clip.

• Louis Rodi III, the assistant special agent-in-charge who oversees ICE’s national security unit in Los Angeles, says MEK is a terrorist organization in this video clip.

• Niels Frenzen, Director of USC Immigration Clinic & Professor of Law, is representing the Mirmehdi brothers. In this video clip, he says that the government’s allegations against the brothers are outrageous.

• In this video clip, Niels Frenzen says it is likely the Mirmehdis would be tortured in Iran if the United States were to deport them.

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