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Columbia Immigration: New Voters, Old Fears


Reporting Sources for Columbia News21 Immigration Project
By Indu Nepal, July 26, 2008

Columbia's News21 team consulted various online resources during the course of reporting our Immigration: New Voters, Old Fears project. We list some of the links below, which will be useful to anyone interested in immigration issues. Feel free to add your own links on the comment section below.


Census Bureau: Foreign Born Population in the U.S. in 2003

Casahistoria, a history website, provides resources for historical immmigration data by country and time period

Eurasylum, a British policy think tank provides research, evaluation and consultancy services on migration, border management and asylum policy

Global Commission on International Migration is a United Nations based commission with a mandate to provide a comprehensive global response to international migration

Think Tanks:

The Urban Institute, based in Washington DC, provides data and research on a number of social and economic issues, including immigration

UC San Diego's Center for Comparative Immigration Studies provides links to experts and research materials

US San Diego's Transborder Institute website provides resources related to the U.S.-Mexico border

Immigration Studies at New York University provides web links to experts and research material

Manhattan Institute Center for Race and Ethnicity has online links to experts, research, articles and interviews

Media Links:

Round-up of immigration-related stories on Media Matters - Battles over Immigration: The Washington Post’s coverage of the immigration issue

National Public Radio has a page on its website for immigration stories called The Immigration Debate

Immigration Chronicles, a blog from the Houston Chronicle

Immigration coverage from the Chicago Tribune

Congressional Quarterly Politics site, with links to