Ethan Magoc

“The News21 program has become one of the premier chances for advanced journalism students to learn more about reporting, multimedia storytelling and networking. I have learned to quickly develop expertise in an unfamiliar subject – a valued skill no matter the journalistic setting or job market. Author David Halberstam's longtime mantra for young reporters was that they learn how to learn. Because of News21, I fully understand the meaning of this phrase.”

A graduate student at the University of Florida, Ethan Magoc is pursuing a master’s degree in journalism. He is a teaching assistant for UF’s Center for Media Innovation and Research. A native of Erie, Penn., he interested in written long-form and visual storytelling. He graduated in 2011 from Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa., with a bachelor’s degree in communication. As part of News21, Ethan investigated voter registration issues in Florida and the national movement behind voter ID bills.