What We Know About Dementia

Produced by Brave Old World Staff,
Edited by Connor Boals

We commonly hear about dementia patients rather than from them.

Here, men and women diagnosed wtih dementia talk about what they've lost, what they fear, how they cope and what they see ahead.

The Thief of Thought

The dementia epidemic poses a major threat to the U.S. health care system and economy. Alzheimer's disease, its most common form, is poised to affect 13.5 million people by 2050.

Alzheimer’s Researchers Push for Answers

The impending epidemic of Alzheimer's, along with technological advances, is changing the way scientists combat the disease.

Dementia: The Risk

Some dementia risks appear to be within our control; strong research indicates that smoking less, drinking moderately and exercising regularly can improve the odds. But other risks are beyond our reach: Aging is the single greatest factor.


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