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Columbia The New Americans: Homelands and Diasporas

Jennifer Lai

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Jennifer Lai is a contributing web producer to the Columbia News21 project, and a recent graduate of the Columbia Journalism School, where she specialized in new media journalism. Prior to Columbia, she co-founded inFlux, an online magazine on politics, music and lifestyles for the digital revolution generation. She received her undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University, where she majored in studio arts. Since November 2005, Jennifer has been maintaining the apartment renting and living section of

While at News21, Jennifer helped design and build Columbia News21's homepage. She also worked on interactive maps, including Glimpses of Faith, a Pilgrimage Through Iran and Day-by-Day in the Homeland.

She also produced the following interactive pages:
The Refugee City
Theocracy & Democracy: Persian Minority Religions in Iran and America

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Over six months, members of the Columbia News21 team traveled 525,000 miles across the United States, Canada, India and Iran in search of a better understanding of minority religions and the immigrants who practice them.